Contact at the Cabin Presents

The 4th Annual Washington Scablands Flood tour featuring…

Randall Carlson
May 15-20 2023

Soap Lake, Washington Scroll down for Details

All inclusive (food, transport, lodging, tour fees, park entrance fees, included – ALCOHOL NOT INCLUDED)


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    For the past four years, Grimerica has hosted what has come to be known as Contact at the Cabin, or CaC.

    It’s a meeting of guests/podcasters/fans mingling ideas and strategies about controversial topics and ancient fables over the course of a long weekend. The Brothers of The Serpent have since joined this tradition. This year we descend on the Scablands of Washington state for 5 nights and 6 days to explore the Dry Falls and surrounding areas with Randall Carlson and friends from our basecamp set up at Soap Lake Spa and Resort. With only 25 spots available this trip is not to be missed.

    Our Speakers


    Soap Lake base: Monday arrival to Saturday departure

    Day 1:
    Arrivals throughout the day, up to 6pm dinner Mon) Opening overview presentation by RC, welcome party on the beach with fire, drumming
    Day 2:
    Billy Clapp Lake (Tue) Route 28 thru Crab Creek Coulee. Odessa Kolks. Sprague Lake bathroom break at I-90 rest stop. Bowl and Pitcher at Riverside State Park, Spokane. South to Steptoe Butte.
    Day 3:
    Up Moses Coulee to Route 2. (Wed) West thru Waterville and down Corbaley Canyon. North along Columbia River to Beebe Bridge Park. Up McNeil Canyon Road into Boulder Park. Withrow Moraine and fields of erratics. Down Ridgeport Hill Road to Rt 17 and Fort Okanogan State Park. Great Terrace, Omak Plateau, and Okanogan River Valley??? . (Rt 17 back to Soap Lake) .
    Day 4:
    Wallula Gap hike to overlook at radio towers. (Thu) Two Sisters on Lake Wallula. Touchet Beds and/or Burlingame Gulch. Up Touchet River Canyon?
    Day 5:
    Sun Lakes State Park – Deep Lake Cliff jumping.(Fri)Dry Falls Visitor Center and overlook. Steamboat Rock hike to top.
    Day 6:
    Depart to airport

    What To Expect

    Dry Falls - 15 Miles Away

    Dry Falls , located at the south end of Banks Lake, is one of the geological wonders of the world. It is thought that the mighty Columbia River once formed a giant cataract two and a half times higher and five times wider than Niagara Falls. Geologists believe the glacial flood waters of half of North America thundered through this historic river bed, making it the mightiest waterfall of all time, four hundred feet high and three and one half miles wide.

    Steamboat Rock - 45 Miles Away

    Winding around Banks Lake on the drive to Grand Coulee Dam, on the left lies Steamboat Rock, 800 feet high and 2 1/2 miles long, standing in the old channel (the dry coulee) of the Columbia River. Its layers of basalt look like the decks of a huge steamboat. Geologists think that thousands of years ago, when the river ran through what is now called the Grand Coulee, Steamboat Rock stood between two tremendous waterfalls, each of them 800 feet high and 2 miles wide. There is a State Park at the Rock which offers full facilities.

    Whats Included?

    This year at our Contact at The Cabin 2022 event we will be offering all meals through Soap Lake Resort. Two options for lunch and dinner are provided each day as well as breakfast and coffee/beverages.  Transportation for all tours is provided. All park entrance fees included (if required). Each attendee will be sent home with a small gift package to commemorate the event as a token of our appreciation.


    Soap Lake Natural Spa & Resort https://soaplakeresort.comis dedicated to preserving and sharing the natural healing power of Soap Lake with our guests. Dating back to the Native American tribes that once lived in the area, Soap Lake was regarded as a sacred body of water with special healing properties. Up until the discovery and widespread use of antibiotics, Soap Lake was a popular destination with a known track record for relieve symptoms of ailments like cirrhosis, arthritis and poor circulation among many others.

    The Venue

    Soap Lake Resort & The Natural Healing Powers of the Lake

    Soap Lake Natural Spa & Resort is dedicated to preserving and sharing the natural healing power of Soap Lake with our guests. Dating back to the Native American tribes that once lived in the area, Soap Lake was regarded as a sacred body of water with special healing properties. Up until the discovery and widespread use of antibiotics, Soap Lake was a popular destination with a known track record for relieve symptoms of ailments like cirrhosis, arthritis and poor circulation among many others. Soap Lake is a lake unlike any other in the world, without exaggeration. It has some of the highest naturally occurring mineral content of any lake in the world, in addition to the highest mineral diversity found naturally occurring in a body of water.

    Soap Lake Resort Information

    To complement the natural healing capabilities of the Soap Lake mineral water, Soap Lake Resort is dedicated to promoting a holistically healthy lifestyle. Look forward to some rest and relaxation while you enjoy your stay with us with our variety of healthy menu options and outdoor activities. Soap Lake has long been an outdoors lover’s dream with the range and variety of activities available in the area. In addition to excellent fishing among the many lakes in the area, we have always hosted many naturists, bird watchers, hikers and hunters.

    While you’re in the area

    Take a ride on the Coulee Corridor Scenic Byway, an amazing 150-mile road trip revealing the story of the Ice Age floods when vast reservoirs of water flooded and receded from this valley hundreds of times. One of the most unique natural landscapes in the United States, this area was formed as the force of water fought against the strength of basalt rock. The result is a geologist’s mecca.
    Experience the ineffable in the landscape as well as world-class recreational opportunities. The Coulee Corridor is the second-most-important birding corridor in the United States. The byway offers recreation for everyone. Between three state parks, a national wildlife refuge, visits to the Grand Coulee Dam and Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area, or Othello’s Sand Hill Crane festival, you’ll find something for the whole family.

    Grand Coulee Dam – 50 Miles Away

    Sometimes called the eighth wonder of the world, Grand Coulee Dam is as high as a 46-story building. Constructed during the Great Depression, the dam features and excellent visitors’ center, showing actual movie footage shot during the construction of the dam in the 1930’s. The Dam also features a self-guided tour.

    Summer Falls – 10 Miles Away

    Located at the top end of Billy Clapp Lake, a favorite fishing and water skiing lake in the region, Summer Falls State Park includes a grassy picnic area, tables, sun shelters, rest rooms, lots of trees and a boat launch. The falls are formed by the main canal of the Columbia Basin Reclamation Project as it plunges over a 165 foot basalt cliff into Billy Clapp Lake. The falls are only present during the spring, summer and fall months when irrigation water is running through the canal system. A 94 megawatt power plant was constructed just east of the falls in 1984. The new power plant does not affect the beauty of the falls.

    Blue Lake, Rhinoceros Cave – 7 Miles Awayy

    One of the basalt flows in the Grand Coulee yielded an important piece of evidence regarding the kind of life existing when the Columbia Plateau was much younger. Not content to cover logs, trees and minor plants, this flow killed a rhinoceros and made a cast of the body for the record. The rhino is thought to have been covered by highly fluid, rapid-moving basalt. Before the rhino could find an escape it was trapped and destroyed. The fluids within the animal cooled and hardened the rock so that the cast took the shape of the rhino’s body. Today, near Blue Lake, the positions of the legs are marked by four cylindrical holes in the basalt, and the rounded contour of the body is arched over the leg cavities. One side of the cave is open, showing the shape of the rhino.

    Banks Lake – 21 Miles Away

    What do you like to catch? Bass, walleyes, trout, perch, crapppies, catfish, burbot, sunfish, carp, lake whitefish? Banks Lake winds its way down through the ancient and magnificent Grand Coulee, varying from one to two miles wide. The Coulee is rimmed with stupendous basalt cliffs. You can fish, water ski, bask in the sun, bird-watch, eagle-watch, deer-watch, camp, and explore all along its forty-mile length. Banks Lake was home to the largest large-mouth bass caught in Washington State in 1977.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I get to the venue?
    The map and Contact details are listed within the contact information. You will also receive a confirmation email with location map.
    What about accommodation?
    Accommodations are included – 2 guests per room/cabin (2 queen beds) Single Occupancy available at additional cost, please contact us if required
    What payment types do you accept?
    All payments are processed via PayPal, Stripe, or Check.
    Can I get a refund on my tickets?
    All tickets are refundable up to 60 days before the event start date, less fees. Unless the event is canceled by us, in which case we will always make a full refund

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