Contact at the Cabin Presents

2nd Annual Magic and Manifestation in the Mountains

Learning the techniques and rituals to get what you want out of your life and your body.



February 9 - 13, 2023

Redding, California - Trip to Mount Shasta


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    For the past four years, Grimerica has hosted what has come to be known as Contact at the Cabin, or CaC.

    It’s a meetup of guests and fans mingling ideas and strategies about controversial topics and ancient fables over the course of a long weekend. The Brothers of The Serpent have since joined a tradition that has come to be described by attendees as “life-changing”. Contact at the Cabin returns as we ascend the mountains of California for 4 days of Magick and Manifestation mixed with breath work and cold training with Brandon Powell, Joe Rupe, and Owen Hunt.

    Our Speakers


    Mount Shasta

    There’s a well-known legend that says that somewhere deep beneath Northern California’s 14,179-foot-tall Mount Shasta is a complex of tunnels and a hidden city called Telos, the ancient “City of Light” for the Lemurians. They were the residents of the mythical lost continent of Lemuria, which met its demise under the waves of the Pacific (or the Indian Ocean, depending on who you ask) thousands of years ago. Lemurians believed to have survived the catastrophe are said to have settled in Telos, and over the years their offspring have been sporadically reported wandering around the area: seven-feet-tall, with long flowy hair, often clad in sandals and white robes.

    What To Expect

    Whats Included?

    Ready to navigate the hidden forces of reality & discover your most authentic self? Access your roadmap to your true power as a human being You are perfect. Somewhere along the way you lost touch with this truth because of the hidden forces that tricked you into conformity. The reality you experience isn’t what you are taught to believe but you can influence it. First, you must learn to identify the unseen mechanisms that manipulate you. The Golden Dawn system of magic is known throughout the world as one of the most effective and comprehensive approaches to working with occult powers. But for beginners or intermediate practitioners, it can be difficult to know where to start and where to go for expert guidance. Golden Dawn Magic shares bite-sized exercises and meditations to help you build the skills that are needed for the more advanced rituals, guiding beginner and intermediate practitioners on a powerful journey of magical work. Brandon teaches seminars and classes on the Wim Hof Method at his dojo and abroad. “Brandon Powell is a genuine soul who is passionately dedicated to sharing the Wim Hof Method with the world. A fusion of warrior, shaman, relentless searcher, technician, and highly attuned teacher, I couldnt imagaine a better human to guide a group to the very edge of their mental and physical limits.” —Josh Waitzkin, The Art of Learning // Best Selling Author, International Chess Master and World Champion Martial Artist “Brandon’s unique approach of integrating a tribal drumming experience with the science-backed methods developed by Wim Hof provides a great method for self-development of the mind and body. The ability to mindfully control basic functions, like breathing, learning to focus attention, all the while to the sounds of rhythmic drums, can have far-reaching positive effects.”


    This year at our Contact at The Cabin 2023 event we will be offering all meals and some snacks as well as transportation from the Sacremento Airport to the venue in Redding. We will provide transportation to and from the park for day trips as well as back to Airport. All park entrance fees included.
    There will be multiple rituals learned as well as tricks to manifesting your future and Outwitting your devils. By day we will also be treated to Wim Hoff training by our friend Brandon Powell, a modern day shaman which will include some cold training with ice pools as well as the breathe work.


    Exploring all the bedrooms and bathrooms is an adventure of its own as each is uniquely themed to inspire you with the activities of Pinetop! Each guest will have a different favorite room! The game room will keep everyone entertained for hours, while others may be enjoying a theater type experience with big screen TV and booming surround sound. Cook in the kitchen or grill on the patio, or explore the beautiful serene neighborhood, amazing surrounding restaurants, the Ski Resort, hiking/biking trails, lake and fishing, hunting, horseback riding or looking for local wildlife.

    The Venue

    Nothing else like it in the area, and just 10 minutes to Redding! This 5000sf lodge on 22 ACRES has 8 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms, and is designed perfectly to host your large family/friend gathering! This modern lodge is seconds from the freeway, minutes from Shasta Caverns and Shasta Lake, and a quick 55 minutes (traffic/weather depending) to Mt. Shasta for Skiing/snowboarding or other winter fun, and just 15 minutes to Bethel! The main floor features 4 distinct gathering areas, including a MASSIVE single-slab redwood table that seats 22, and beautiful pool table. The second level features 2 additional large gathering areas/living rooms, each with a big screen TV that are networked together so large groups can use both living rooms but watch the same movie! The 8 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms are all at the back of the house, beautifully decorated with themes of the surrounding area, including lakes, mountains, forests, and outdoor adventures and fun! The Gathering Place at Shasta Lake is perfect for your next group gathering…. you won’t want to leave! Except, of course, to spend time on the Lake, the Mountains, or area attractions!

    The space

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I get to the venue?
    You will receive detailed address information closer to the trip, We will provide shuttles from the Phoenix Airport
    What about accommodation?
    Accommodations are included in all ticket prices
    What if I want my own lodging?
    No day pass ticket exists, purchase cheapest available option and lodge on your own. We will still provide meals.
    What payment types do you accept?
    All payments are processed via PayPal, Stripe, or Check.
    Can I get a refund on my tickets?
    All tickets are refundable up to 60 days before the event start date, less fees. Unless the event is canceled by us, in which case we will always make a full refund
    Will it be Cold?
    The weather will likely drop below freezing overnight. Campers will need to prepare accordingly.

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