Joe Rupe

Joe Rupe is the host of the late night show Lighting The Void which airs Live on The Fringe FM weeknights as well as owner and executive of the network. An Arkansas native for 38 years now residing in Upstate New York he never dreamed he would be doing what he is doing today.
After a series of out of body experiences and an esoteric curiosity that led him to studying and practicing the western mystery traditions he is now heard frequently on his show and as a guest on other shows discussing the occult, consciousness, sacred sexuality, and Astral Travel and continues to move his mission to empower people to become explorers of consciousness which Joe believes will be the key to our evolution and the planets.
His listeners have developed a creed they live by and call themselves voidwalkers. Which in short simply means a family of people who are willing to explore consciousness in a practical way to discover the hidden mysteries and potential of themselves and humanity all the while never claiming the ultimate truth about life.